PEN For Freedom (No.1-12)

PEN For Freedom (No.1-12, PDF) 

Lawyer’s Account of Second Meeting with Li Tingting

By Yan Wenxin, published: March 25, 2015


Lawyer Yan Wenxin (燕文薪)’s post on Weibo:


After trying unsuccessfully for four consecutive work days, Continue reading

China rejects international pleas to release five feminists from jail

Britain, the EU and US ambassador to the UN among those calling for activists detained just before International Women’s Day to be freed

8edea15e-74f8-42f6-8279-f51c2ef1806c-620x372Wei Tingting, right, waits outside a court in Beijing last year. Wei is one of five female activists detained for planning to put up anti-sexual harassment stickers. Photograph: Ng Han Guan/AP

Tania Branigan China correspondent

Wednesday 25 March 2015 13.03 EDT Last modified on Wednesday 25 March 2015 13.51 EDT

China has rejected calls from Britain, the US ambassador Continue reading

Shocking: Details Uncovered of JIANG Lijun’s Torturous Experience in Custody of Shenyang Public Security

(Published in Boxun on Mar 14, 2015)

Boxun has received, after several hands, the letter to Xi Jinping written by rights defender JIANG Lijun’s father, who is an old man in his very senior age. The letter has uncovered unimaginable torture that JIANG Lijun (姜力鈞, passport name [姜立軍]) and other detainees have suffered. Some detainee was even Continue reading

On David Shambaugh’s Collapsism

By @WoodenHarp, published: March 22, 2015

An interesting take by an anonymous Chinese tweep.

If the China-US relationship from the early 1970s to the late 1980 was built on national security considerations of the two countries against their common Continue reading

Lee Kuan Yew obituary


6bc4d2ee-5d8c-4d25-b946-db76391ad009-620x372The founding prime minister of an independent Singapore, he sought to encourage prosperity through ensuring a dominant role for the state

Lee Kuan Yew at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2001. He saw in the economic success of east Asia the triumph of ‘Confucian values’: discipline, order, Continue reading

Confucius and the World He Created by Michael Schuman

resizeReviewed by John Butler

21 March 2015 — Bertrand Russell once remarked that he didn’t write about Confucius because he found the Chinese sage “boring.” If Lord Russell had lived long enough to have read this book, Continue reading

China’s soft-power push, coming to a TV near you

AFP By Felicia Sonmez

March 20, 2015 2:00 AM

Beijing (AFP) – A hard hat-clad American TV host grips the bamboo-and-steel scaffolding, the dizzying urban landscape of China’s commercial centre Shanghai unfolding far below him.

“I’m bringing cameras and questions to places outsiders are rarely permitted, to investigate the aspirations of the world’s fastest-growing middle class,” architect Danny Forster tells Discovery viewers.

There is just one catch: both the cameras — and the questions — are co-funded by the Chinese government.

Beijing has long sought to boost its “soft power” abroad, spending billions of yuan on expanding the international presence of its state-run media — including broadcaster CCTV Continue reading

Five Feminists Remain Jailed in China for Activities the Government Supports


India China Activists DetainedEmily Rauhala / Beijing @emilyrauhala March 19, 2015

Altaf Qadri—AP
Indian women’s rights activists wearing masks of five women’s rights activists formally detained in China after Women’s Day crackdown, hold placards with their names, to express their solidarity and demand their immediate release, in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The line between dissidence and social activism grows ever murkier
It was supposed to be a celebration. This year marks Continue reading